Dealers In : All kinds of Self Adhesive Tape, PVC Stretch Film , streach Film, Straping Rolls, Aluminium Foil, Poly Bag & Disposable items, etc.,
PVC Stretch Film Paper Plates Plastic Glass Cup Paper Cups Mousee Cups Hot Coffee Strrier Cake Container Plastic Cake Box / Cake Base Cutlery Products Deli Container Bakery Containers Takeout Container Tissue / Napkins Garbage Bags Silver Pouch Sandwich Box Non-Woven / Laundry Bag Chef Cap Seasonal Products

SREE TRISHLA established in the year 2007 by Sree Trishla foundation by Indradevi Shah, Mr. Sanjesh Shah.

Trishla is the Mother name of Jain Thirthankara Sree Mahaveer Bhagavan

SREE TRISHLA has been known as a specialized & experienced in all kinds of Trading and Self Adhesive Tape, Freshwrap, Stretch film, Strapping rolls, Aluminium foil etc. With many years’ experience, we’ve served our products to several domestic food processors in India, and enjoy the good reputation across the country. With the passion for innovation,

All our SREE TRISHLA Products are used at :

  • Catering
  • Hotel Industries
  • Aviation Industries
  • Bakery Industries
  • Restaurants etc,.
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